Do the LED Evolution: LEDs and City Planning

Like everything else, “lights” evolve too. Since Edison, we have come a long way in lighting the world and our lives. LED lights are the future. Incandescent bulbs are outdated fossils. Not only are they costly, they need constant repair and replacement. LED lighting, especially landscape lighting, last longer, burn cleaner and simply provide light… Read more »

Notice Anything New?

In case you haven’t already noticed, the Illuminations USA website has been under a little bit of construction for some time now, and we’ve recently unveiled our new look. Now while we’ve kept our look mostly the same, there’s one major change that we’ve made that we’re sure you all will appreciate. Within this whole… Read more »

Safely Transforming Your Outdoor Pool Area into an Entertainment Oasis

  Beautiful lighting can transform any outdoor area into a private oasis. In fact, many homeowners are now turning their outdoor spaces into additional living spaces, used for relaxation and sharing time with family and friends.  So a few extra lights here and there are becoming increasingly necessary. One of the simplest ways to accomplish… Read more »

Why LED?

  In every project that we take on as a company, we are proud to say that we are using LED lights. For those of you who aren’t up to date with growing innovations in energy efficiency and ecologically friendly products, you may be wondering why we would be proud to use a certain type… Read more »

Enjoy More Hours in the Day!

  One of the great benefits of outdoor lighting is the fact that it allows you and your family to spend more time together outdoors. Growing up, how many times did you hear your parents say, “Make sure you’re home by the time the street lights come on”? As a parent now, how many times… Read more »

Feel Safe in Your Own Home

  Regardless of which neighborhood, in which town of which ever part of the country, everyone has that underlying fear that an intruder may enter their home. You watch enough crime shows and horror flicks to have you double checking the locks and peering behind every corner when home alone. You even go out to… Read more »

Boost Your Curb Appeal

  The curb appeal that a home has says a lot about the people who live behind that front door. As a home owner, the pride you take in designing the interior should also be reflected on the exterior of the home. So you put on a fresh coat of paint and strategically landscape on… Read more »