Low Voltage Lighting

Illuminations USA is proud to offer low-voltage LED outdoor and landscape lighting in Longwood and other areas across Central Florida. We serve homeowners throughout the Orlando and Daytona Beach region, offering our extensive experience, knowledge and resources to design low-voltage lighting systems that meet the unique needs of each client. If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of low-voltage lighting, let’s take a look at how these lights can be used to transform your property’s landscape for the better.

Q:) What are the main benefits of using low-voltage lights?

A:) Because these lights feature voltage that is much lower than the average electrical outlet, they are generally considered to be safer and more efficient than the other types of lights. This makes the installation and maintenance process simpler than ever, as well. On top of these factors, low-voltage lights save you money by consuming less electricity, making them very cost-effective as well.

Q:) What is the process for installing low-voltage lights around my property?

A:) Installing low-voltage lights are simple because they use low-voltage wires. This means that the wires can simply be placed under a shallow layer of soil so they aren’t an eyesore, meaning that extensive digging, excavation or construction work isn’t needed to add new brightness to your home, business and surrounding landscape. This also means that if you decide to replace or expand your lighting setup after they have been installed, the wires can easily be brought up in order to reorganize the lights.

Q:) How are low-voltage lights most commonly used?

A:) While these lights can still be very bright despite their low voltage, they typically aren’t the first choice for someone who is looking for a blinding floodlight. Instead, these lights are ideal for adding some soft lighting accents to areas around your home, garden or pool. Fortunately, LED lighting – which also operates on low-voltage power – can help provide brighter accents and bigger splashes of light in places where it may be needed.


If you would like more details about how we can use low-voltage lights around your property, contact the Illuminations USA team today!