Landscape Lighting Installation

Regardless of whether it’s for the home or a commercial property, many home and business owners make the mistake of hiring a general contractor, landscaper, or even an electrician for their landscape lighting needs. This may seem like a reasonable task for someone who is already assisting you with many of your outdoor needs—or someone who is trained in working with electricity. However, the reality is that these professionals are not well versed in voltage drop and the proper placement of outdoor fixtures–not even your family electrician.

Why hire Illuminations USA as your Orlando landscape lighting installers?

When installing energy-efficient LED landscape lights—lights you rely on to provide you with the safety and security that you need—choose to work with a local company that specializes in the installation of energy-efficient LED lights. Illuminations USA is an insured, fully-licensed, and experienced Orlando landscape lighting company that has been providing outdoor lighting design and installation services to the area since 1994. Why trust your outdoor lighting needs to anyone less than the experts?

Our landscape lighting installation process

To ensure the installation process goes as smoothly as possible, we highly encourage our potential clients to bring us on from the very beginning. As skilled landscape lighting design specialists, being involved from the moment the rendering is drawn up allows us to plan the best course of action for a quick and successful installation. In most cases, landscape lighting installation for the front of the home will only take one day. Beyond that, the time it will take to complete the rest of your property will depend on its size and the number of fixtures needed to achieve the desired effect.

Regardless, however, you can be assured that our installation crew is made up of seasoned professionals that are as timely as they are respectful of your property. Unlike with high-voltage installation, low-voltage landscape lighting doesn’t require wires to be buried more than six- inches deep. This makes the process much easier on us, as well as on your yard.

Landscape lighting placement and techniques

Even when the primary goal of outdoor lighting is to provide safety and security after sundown, landscape lighting always offers some sort of design appeal. It’s all comes down to the right placement and the proper technique.


This landscape lighting technique is created by placing an LED fixture at the base of an object, such as a tree or shrubbery. As our lighting installers aim the fixtures upwards, that particular feature or landscaping element is instantly highlighted as a focal point.


Just as the name suggests, shadowing is a technique used to cast a shadow of a particular feature across an exterior wall. If, for example, you have an overgrown tree on your property with branches stretching in all directions, the shadowing technique may be used to create a dramatic effect in the night breeze.


This is an excellent technique for those who want their outdoor lights to highlight certain architectural features they like best about their home or commercial building. Our installation team will place lighting fixtures at ground level and boldly cast them up for soft yet eye-catching illumination.


Unlike the harsh glare of spotlighting, the downlighting technique is used to create a soft glow, beaming down onto entryways, garden beds, and other landscaping features you want to have highlighted from above.


The silhouetting effect is created when the Illuminations USA installation team spreads light between a landscape feature and a nearby structural element. With this placement, the landscape feature appears black against a lighter backdrop.

Path lighting

If you plan to utilize your yard or the exterior space of your commercial property at all after sundown, the path lighting technique is a must when installing LED landscape lights. Proper placement of these lights is critical, however, to avoid glare or a runway appearance. That’s why your landscape lighting installation needs should always be handled by the professionals at Illuminations USA.

For nearly 30 years, Illuminations USA has been Orlando’s most trusted landscape lighting company. From design to installation, to overall quality assurance, we are proud to serve the members of our community. For more information about hiring our company for your landscape lighting installation needs, contact us today at 407-880-0700.

Landscape Lighting Installation in Orlando, FL