Kichler Landscape Lighting

Kichler Landscape Lighting in Winter Park, FL

Nothing accents a beautifully decorated home and yard as elegantly as premium Kichler landscape lighting. If you have been searching for Kichler outdoor LED landscape lighting in Winter Park, Florida, the team at Illuminations USA can help. We’ve been offering Kichler landscape and outdoor LED lighting for years to home and business owners throughout Orlando, Winter Park and the surrounding metro areas.

In addition to accenting your home’s architectural beauty, Kichler outdoor LED landscape lighting provides safety and security throughout your entire property. A name recognized for the reliability and quality of their products, Kichler has been offering distinctive lighting since 1938. Kichler Lighting is a superior brand of home and landscape lighting that offers everything from traditional lights to unique and modern styles that are perfect to accent your home or business.

Q:) Why is Kichler such a trusted name in the home lighting industry?

A:) Not only have they been creating lights for almost a century, but they have never faltered when it comes to quality. Kichler lights are known for being long-lasting products that hold up under a variety of conditions.

Q:) What options does Kichler offer for landscape lighting?

A:) All of Kichler’s lights are high-quality, and their outdoor lighting fixtures are no exception. All of their lights are made with architectural-grade materials, meaning they won’t break down at a moment’s notice. For example, they use materials including marine-grade aluminum, stainless steel and premium copper.

Q:) How can Illuminations USA implement Kichler lights into my property’s landscape?

A:) The options are almost limitless when it comes to landscape lighting, and that remains true when we use Kichler lights to bring new brightness all across your property. These lights can be placed almost anywhere throughout your landscaping to illuminate various areas of your home, business or surrounding lawn. Whether you want lights around your house to highlight its architecture or placed in your yard to show off a garden or pool, we can make it happen.

Q:) What are the benefits of using Kichler lights outside of my home?

A:) Having proper lighting inside of your home is always important, but homeowners often neglect the exterior. Not only will outdoor lighting allow you to enjoy the outside of your home at night, but it will add to the overall appeal and value of your property. This is especially true if you have a large yard or notable features surrounding your home that are worthy of being highlighted at any time of day. From gardens to walkways, Kichler lighting solutions can ensure that the best parts of your property are seen regardless of whether or not the sun is up.


At Illuminations USA, we pride ourselves on ensuring complete customer satisfaction on each and every job. Our experienced and licensed lighting professionals work with you along every step of the way, guaranteeing the vision you have for your home becomes a reality. If you would like to learn more about how we can achieve your home lighting goals with Kichler lighting, contact us today and speak with a member of our team!