Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

You can easily add new depth and perception to your outdoor area with the help of Illuminations USA! We offer outdoor landscape lighting in Orlando and Daytona Beach, Florida, and we have the decades of experience necessary to ensure the job is done right.

Not only can our creative lighting solutions increase the value of your home or business, but they can also add a new layer of safety and security to your entire property. When you work with our lighting specialists to develop a lighting package for your property, you can rest easy knowing that the finished result will bolster your property’s natural beauty and accentuate all of its best features. In fact, our outdoor landscape lighting systems can make the areas surrounding around your home or commercial property seem fresh and alive even long after the sun goes down!

Q:) How can outdoor lighting be used to make my property safer?

A:) Outdoor lighting will make your property secure in more ways than one. First of all, it can be used to guide visitors along pathways, ensuring nobody trips and gets hurt while making their way to your front door. Additionally, lighting up the outside of your house at night will ward off any intruders who might otherwise think they can go unnoticed in the cover of darkness.

Q:) What types of lights can be used around the exterior of my property?

A:) We offer a variety of options to our customers including low-voltage and LED lights. These lights can be used in new and exciting ways to create unique lighting effects around the outside of your home or business. You will also benefit from the fact that these lights are easy to maintain, long-lasting and incredibly energy efficient.

Q:) How can outdoor lighting make my house stand out in a good way?

A:) Most people have at least one or two lights outside of their home, but they often do nothing to increase the visual aesthetics of the property and surrounding landscape. With our landscape lighting services, we create focal points around your yard, highlighting specific areas that really bring your landscape to life. We can help you focus on certain areas of your home’s architecture that you want to show off, which only serves to increase the curb appeal of your home.


We have been proudly lighting up Central Florida for years, and will continue to be a leader in creative outdoor lighting. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help light up your property!