Lighting focused on monument.Here at Illuminations USA, we are proud to offer our clients unique and affordable lighting services. For many years we have been providing one of a kind outdoor LED and garden lighting in Casselberry, Florida, and the Orlando and Lake Mary regions. We customize each job to match our clients’ specifications and needs, so whether you are looking to add to the décor of the outside of your home or increase your security, you can rely on our team to get the job done.

Our garden lighting is a unique service. We will devise a lighting plan that matches your existing design or create a whole new look for you, depending on what you have in mind. When you take advantage of our services, you will truly understand the quality of work that we have to offer. Once you get in touch with our team, we will be happy to come to your location and look over your current landscaping and lighting installation to assess the current setup.

We have a variety of high-quality lighting products available, including premium fixtures from Kichler. We also use top-of-the-line products for the parts you don’t see, such as transformers, wires, wire connectors, ground stakes and accessories. Most of the fixtures used will be utilitarian – chosen for their beam spread or for a particular lighting function – but some fixtures, such as path lights and garden lights, come in a variety of styles and finishes to suit your individual preferences and aesthetic desires.

Lighting focusing on garden and patio.

Q: What types of lights are available for my home?

A: We will work with you to find the right lights for your needs, and we have several options to choose from. For example, we offer outdoor LED lights that are not only highly efficient, but durable in just about any type of conditions. These lights will hold up throughout the entire year, ensuring your home is expertly lit whether it’s a storming, windy evening or a humid summer night. We also offer several different types of low-voltage lights that are ideal for illuminating various areas around your property.

Q: Are your lighting products made of high-quality materials?

A: We strive to provide our customers with the best of the best, which is why we only feature lights from trusted brands like Kichler. Their lighting fixtures are made with materials like stainless steel and marine-grade aluminum that make them durable and reliable choices for all weather conditions. Whether it’s a cloudless night or a major storm is on the horizon, you won’t have to worry about these lights breaking down.

Q: Do you have lighting to match the style of my home or business?

A:We will work with you to make decisions about the types of visible fixtures you would like to use so that they match your home’s architecture and your own personal sense of style. There are a wide range of options available, ranging from the ostentatious and ornate to subtle and subdued. We can even minimize the visibility of your fixtures to try and achieve a nearly invisible lighting footprint. Whatever your desires, the Illuminations USA team can help you find the perfect look.

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