Outdoor Security Lighting in Winter Park, FLThere is no better time than now to make sure your house has the best curb appeal. With the help of Illuminations USA, that can become a reality. We have decades of experience in the landscape lighting industry and have developed cutting-edge designs that will look great in your yard. We work with Kichler, a trusted lighting company that supplies their lights for our design work. Our landscape lighting is sure to be a perfect addition to your yard, pool or any other area around your home.

We also offer outdoor LED security light installations in Winter Park, Florida, and throughout the suburban Orlando area. Having a lighted path to your home or leading to your pool gives you added comfort and security knowing that the property isn’t hidden in the dark. We often use LED lights because of their longevity and low energy cost. Using low-voltage lights doesn’t mean to have you change bulbs often, it just means they are more energy efficient than high-wattage bulbs.

We have received numerous awards for our landscape lighting and architectural lighting services, and the Illuminations USA team takes great pride in the services we have to offer our clients. When you hire us for a job you can expect not only competitive pricing for our services, but also a quality of work that can’t be beat. All of our employees are professional and experienced, with many years of experience at designing and installing stunning lightscapes. Learn more about our company and services by checking out the following FAQ.

Q: How much energy cost will it take to run this system?

A: Running your lighting system will be very inexpensive because all the lights we use are low-voltage, meaning that you’re using off only one transformer to run all your outdoor lights. The exact energy cost will, of course, vary depending on how many lights you have installed and the overall size and scope of the project.

Q: What is a transformer?

A: It is a unit plugged into an outlet that converts 120 volts to 12 volts.

Q: How long does a project take?

A: The front of an average home takes about a day for installation. The installation process will take additional time if you would like lighting throughout the rest of your property, but we promise to always complete projects as timely and efficiently as possible.

Q: Will my yard be destroyed during installation?

A: No. Unlike high-voltage, it is not required to bury low-voltage more than 6 inches deep. This is also beneficial because it means digging up the wires to rearrange lights or add more fixtures is a fairly simple process.

Q: Can you light tall peaks and trees with low voltage?

A: Absolutely! With the correct beam spread and wattage, we can light just about anything. We will take the time to evaluate your property to best determine how lighting can be used to illuminate specific areas and features.

Q: How safe is electrical lighting around the pool and wet areas?

A: Low-voltage lighting is very safe around water. In fact, having lighting in and around your pool only serves to make the area more safe, not less.

Q: Why shouldn’t I use my contractor or landscaper to do my lighting?

A: There are many things to know about lighting. Illuminations USA has specialized in landscape lighting and nothing else since 1994. Landscapers, irrigation, electricians, handymen and the neighbor down the street have no idea about voltage drop, proper placement of the correct fixture to do the job, wattage or beam spread – not to mention award-winning artistic design! With the advent of multi-tap transformers, it is imperative that amperage rules are adhered to, not just for safety’s sake, but also for proper illumination and bulb life. Employees at Illuminations USA have been trained in the latest methods of installation and with the supervision of Steven Riggs, our landscape lighting artist and designer, each project becomes a work of art.

Q: How big of a difference does landscape lighting really make?

A: All the difference in the world! Not only does it give your property added security, but it can help to accentuate your property’s best features at night. This is invaluable if you value the curb appeal and value of your home, which you should! You can browse through our gallery to get a small sense of the difference our landscape lighting services can really make.

Q: What is the difference with LED outdoor lighting?

A: To start, LED lights offer a 75 percent energy savings versus conventional lighting. There is no maintenance for as long as 18 years with average residential use, with LED lighting installations generally offering more than 40,000 usage house hour before requiring replacement. That’s nearly four full years of 24/7 operation!

If you have any questions that you don’t see here, feel free to contact us at 407-880-0700.