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Add Dimension to Your Yard with DIY Landscape Lighting

As the sun sets earlier and earlier here in Central Florida, landscape lighting is a great way to turn your home into a welcoming abode. Add dimension to your yard, highlight its most attractive features and create a feeling of security with DIY landscape lighting. A well lit yard will allow you to spend evenings… Read more »

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere from the Lawn to the Front Door

fall wreath on front door

As the weather grows cooler and you begin preparing your home for the guests that will arrive throughout the holiday season, remember to pay attention to your yard. The front of your home is the first impression friends and family members will have of your place, so why not take steps to make them feel… Read more »

The Navy Outfitting All Their Facilities with LEDs

For industries to advance and progress into the future, it is clear that they need to embrace LEDs. No matter what industry you’re in, LEDs are cost-effective and eco-friendly allowing you to grow in a healthy, cheap, and sustainable way. In this blog, we have discussed numerous ways people and cities are utilizing LEDs, including… Read more »

The Future Will Be Lighted with LED Lights

LEDs help the environment

Imagine living in your very own sci-fi fantasy home? Yeah I know, seems a bit speculative on our part, but with LED lights you can dress your homes to the nines in outfits that are not only cost-effective, but also eco-friendly. This wonderful technology is already being utilized in everything from smart phones to supermarkets,… Read more »

LED Lights and Vitamin D

LED outdoor lighting

The evolution of light is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? Ever since the dawn of man, we have been craving light. It’s in our biology, woven into secret code in our blood, in our DNA – we can’t escape the natural affinity we have for lighting sources. The vast lot of us enjoy the… Read more »

Safeco Field Is the Latest Baseball Park to Install LED Lights

Illumination USA - Outdoor Lighting

One of the major beneficiaries of LED lights is America’s sporting stadiums, including baseball parks, those legendary symbols of Americana. There are a number reasons why a baseball park would install LED lights, with number one being the energy costs. LED lights are considerably less expensive than older systems of lighting. However, they offer specific… Read more »

Detroit’s MacArthur Bridge Outfitted with LED Lights

Illumination USA - Architectural Lighting

Over recent years, LED lights have made quite a splash when it comes to America’s bridges. Each year, more and more bridges are being outfitted with LED lights. Not only does this improve visibility while driving at night, as LED lights are more potent than older lighting systems, it is also a cheaper alternative to… Read more »

Liquor Bottles Prepackaged with LED Messages

LED lighting

We’ve talked about interesting LED innovations on this blog before, whether it’s an illuminated beer pong table or supermarket LED lights magically finding their way to the smartphone in your pocket and sharing coupon codes. Now LED lights are again going one-step further and changing the way liquor bottles operate. Yes, liquor bottles. In this… Read more »

Are LED Lights Invading Your Local Supermarket?

LED lighting

With each new day, it’s more apparent that LED lights are becoming a bigger part of our lives. From big things like stadium lights to littler things like the smartphones in our pockets, LED lights are affecting us in ways never thought possible. Take, for example, the latest development in this great technology that is… Read more »

New London May Get LED Lights

The town of New London, Connecticut is the latest of many areas around the country making the switch to LED lights. While nothing has been officially confirmed yet, the city’s Department of Public Works has been putting together a proposal that would replace the city’s current streetlights with LED bulbs. There are currently more than… Read more »