The Navy Outfitting All Their Facilities with LEDs

For industries to advance and progress into the future, it is clear that they need to embrace LEDs. No matter what industry you’re in, LEDs are cost-effective and eco-friendly allowing you to grow in a healthy, cheap, and sustainable way. In this blog, we have discussed numerous ways people and cities are utilizing LEDs, including healthcare facilities, baseball parks, and city infrastructure like bridges. Those are clearly big projects, but LEDs are making their mark on smaller scale things as well – there are beer pong tables equipped with LEDs and sneakers that glow like lava. That is fine, but we bet you’re itching to hear about a HUGE industry changing from the ground up due to LEDs. Well, we have one for you: the Navy.

The Navy is reconfiguring their whole operation, outfitting their facilities worldwide with LEDs, as discussed in this Navy Times article. Meghann Myers writes, “The Navy is looking to pocket a few million bucks this year with upgraded lighting that saves electricity at shore bases worldwide. Navy Installations Command is working to replace fluorescent light bulbs in offices, gyms, street lights and parking garages at its 70 facilities with LEDs, which are brighter, safer and cost less.”

Central Florida LED lightsThat is a big transition, but one worth the Navy’s time. It is important that the five branches of the armed services are outfitted with the latest technology; after all, they protect our way of life. We want them operating at maximum efficiency. This can either mean saving money on operational costs or having a better impact on the environment. There are also benefits that you might not think, such as reduced eye strain, which makes it easier for the men and women to work in the facilities. So far, the results have been mesmerizing. According to Myers, “Ships that have switched to LEDs save 3 percent – $150 million – of their annual energy costs.”

Simply speaking from a money perspective, the switch to LEDs is a necessary one!