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Benefits of Using Timed Architectural Lighting

Benefits of Using Timed Architectural Lighting

Have you ever come home after a night out and stumble up to your steps, or drop your keys because you couldn’t see your doorknob? These are common problems that can be easily resolved with architectural lighting. Architectural and landscape lighting are great ways to add beauty and security to your home or business. You… Read more »

How to Lower Your Home’s Energy Consumption

In today’s age, it is important to be mindful of your energy consumption and carbon footprint. Your carbon footprint is the total emissions that you individually cause. With the current state of our environment, now is the time to work on decreasing the amount of energy you consume. Here are some tips to help lower… Read more »

Internet of Things and Landscape Lighting

Is the landscape lighting at your home becoming outdated or less functional than it used to? Then you may be thrilled to find out about some of the exciting trends that are taking place in the lighting industry. We are talking about lighting advancements that will make our homes more controlled and secured, and it… Read more »

The Navy Outfitting All Their Facilities with LEDs

For industries to advance and progress into the future, it is clear that they need to embrace LEDs. No matter what industry you’re in, LEDs are cost-effective and eco-friendly allowing you to grow in a healthy, cheap, and sustainable way. In this blog, we have discussed numerous ways people and cities are utilizing LEDs, including… Read more »

Wearing LEDs on Your Feet

LEDs are everywhere nowadays, as we discuss time and time again in this very blog. From smartphone coupons to bridge illumination, LEDs do it all. Now, you can add one more thing to that list: clothing and shoes, in particular. Believe us when we say that LEDs are changing the face of fashion, according to… Read more »

The Future Will Be Lighted with LED Lights

LEDs help the environment

Imagine living in your very own sci-fi fantasy home? Yeah I know, seems a bit speculative on our part, but with LED lights you can dress your homes to the nines in outfits that are not only cost-effective, but also eco-friendly. This wonderful technology is already being utilized in everything from smart phones to supermarkets,… Read more »

LED Lights and Vitamin D

LED outdoor lighting

The evolution of light is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? Ever since the dawn of man, we have been craving light. It’s in our biology, woven into secret code in our blood, in our DNA – we can’t escape the natural affinity we have for lighting sources. The vast lot of us enjoy the… Read more »

LED Lights Make Us Better Members of the Community

Throughout these blog posts, we’ve discussed big LED projects like what’s happening in China or in cities across the USA. We’ve also discussed smaller LED projects such as liquor packaging and new ways to download coupons on our smartphones. We really haven’t gotten into the LED benefits for things like community centers or social service… Read more »

Is Your City Smart?

History of Landscape Lighting

If you follow our blog or keep a close eye on trends and what’s being reported in the news then you know that LEDs have their eco-friendly fingers in just about every industry, whether it’s supermarket coupons or the illumination spouted off by bridges in all corners of America. More importantly perhaps than that is… Read more »

Detroit’s MacArthur Bridge Outfitted with LED Lights

Illumination USA - Architectural Lighting

Over recent years, LED lights have made quite a splash when it comes to America’s bridges. Each year, more and more bridges are being outfitted with LED lights. Not only does this improve visibility while driving at night, as LED lights are more potent than older lighting systems, it is also a cheaper alternative to… Read more »