LED Lights and Vitamin D

The evolution of light is a beautiful thing, don’t you think?

Ever since the dawn of man, we have been craving light. It’s in our biology, woven into secret code in our blood, in our DNA – we can’t escape the natural affinity we have for lighting sources. The vast lot of us enjoy the light, what it does to the body, to our insides, to our hearts and minds. That’s the thing about light – it makes us happy. It provides us with the rich sea of Vitamin D that sweeps the body in a flood of good feelings – and that’s all we really want, to feel good, to want to get out of bed every day with hopefully a smile on our faces and the belief that yes, this day will be good – this day will lift me up to places previously thought unreachable.

The problem with light though is that it can get polluted, not the sunlight or natural light, I’m referring to the light bulbs we have in our homes, the streetlights that dot city streets and poke holes in the darkness so it doesn’t suffocate our souls and we can breathe when the blanket falls onto our faces. That light is often hazardous to the world around us, adding pollution and is not eco-friendly – in addition, these old forms of lighting cost a lot of money. We in our homes and town and city governments squander boatloads of money into these ineffective forms of lighting. But hey, Vitamin D should cost a pretty penny – I mean it fills our bodies with happiness – and happiness comes at a price. But wait, what if there was a solution to our problems? Using a light source that is cost-effective and eco-friendly? You’re in luck – there is.

LED lights are the wave of the future. Already being utilized in smart-homes and smart-cities around the world, LEDs are the bonafide way to get your Vitamin D fill all while helping the environment and saving money. Think of them as Vitamin D superheroes! And honestly if you ask us, we can use more of them!