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The Navy Outfitting All Their Facilities with LEDs

For industries to advance and progress into the future, it is clear that they need to embrace LEDs. No matter what industry you’re in, LEDs are cost-effective and eco-friendly allowing you to grow in a healthy, cheap, and sustainable way. In this blog, we have discussed numerous ways people and cities are utilizing LEDs, including… Read more »

The Future Will Be Lighted with LED Lights

LEDs help the environment

Imagine living in your very own sci-fi fantasy home? Yeah I know, seems a bit speculative on our part, but with LED lights you can dress your homes to the nines in outfits that are not only cost-effective, but also eco-friendly. This wonderful technology is already being utilized in everything from smart phones to supermarkets,… Read more »

LED Lights and Vitamin D

LED outdoor lighting

The evolution of light is a beautiful thing, don’t you think? Ever since the dawn of man, we have been craving light. It’s in our biology, woven into secret code in our blood, in our DNA – we can’t escape the natural affinity we have for lighting sources. The vast lot of us enjoy the… Read more »

Safeco Field Is the Latest Baseball Park to Install LED Lights

Illumination USA - Outdoor Lighting

One of the major beneficiaries of LED lights is America’s sporting stadiums, including baseball parks, those legendary symbols of Americana. There are a number reasons why a baseball park would install LED lights, with number one being the energy costs. LED lights are considerably less expensive than older systems of lighting. However, they offer specific… Read more »

LED Lighting Has Come a Long Way

LED lighting has come a long way since their invention in 1962. By the early 1970s, LED lights were popping up in digital watches all over the country. Shortly thereafter, they became a fixture in engineering kits, with research engineers using LED lights as front panel indicators, however dim they were in comparison to incandescent… Read more »

Wildlife Friendly Flood Lights

LED Lighting for Garden

As much as LED lights are the wave of the future for outdoor lighting, there has been one major drawback for them. A study conducted had concluded that LED lights draw in almost 50% more bugs that are attracted to lights. This isn’t as much of a concern for the LED lights that are indoors… Read more »

New Haven in Bright Lights

Cities are all stepping on the bandwagon as more and more places in the US decide to change out their streetlights for LED Lights. New Haven is the most recent as it installed LED lights in multiple new locations. Though they have many more to place, the citizens that have had the change already noticed… Read more »

LED in the City

LED lighting

It didn’t take long for an entire city to change over to LED lights recently. Buenos Aires in Argentina just changed over from the thousands of streetlights they previously had to LED lights that were completely integrated and connected to each other. This process was to bring about the brilliant interfacing of a computer with… Read more »

LED Battle in Berlin

Carbon efficient LED lights are the future; that much is certain. More people are outfitting their homes – inside and outside – with LEDs. Towns and cities across the planet are reconfiguring their bodies and installing LED streetlights. Many see this as a positive development, as LED lights are environmentally friendly and financially efficient. Their… Read more »

Adding a Sculptural Aesthetic to Central Florida Homes

In terms of interior design, particularly office spaces, the use of LEDs are on the rise. Although still relatively overlooked, their effectiveness is spreading like gospel, forcing many people to ask, “Why aren’t they everywhere?” Or, as Commercialobserver.com’s Scott Spector asks, “What’s one of the most overlooked areas of design that can help you close… Read more »