Adding a Sculptural Aesthetic to Central Florida Homes

LEDs and conference rooms

How aesthetically bland!

In terms of interior design, particularly office spaces, the use of LEDs are on the rise. Although still relatively overlooked, their effectiveness is spreading like gospel, forcing many people to ask, “Why aren’t they everywhere?”

Or, as’s Scott Spector asks, “What’s one of the most overlooked areas of design that can help you close a deal, realize cost savings on your clients’ behalf and deliver an eye-catching office space that can be easily subleased in the future, should the need arise?”

As we move into the future, LEDs will play an increasingly vital role in office spaces. They are already prevalent in conference rooms and reception areas and, before long, will be even more prevalent in open areas. Due to their energy savings, effectiveness and warmth, Spector believes that every business should embrace LEDs and specifically cites the brokerage community as an LED-ready industry.

Brokerage firms may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of LEDs, but they can dramatically improve sales and client relations.

Firstly, LEDs are pleasing to look at, adding a “sculptural aesthetic” that dominates a space, so much so that Spector believes it can take the place of artwork. In other words, it appeals to our cultural sensibilities. At Illuminations USA, we know the artistic capabilities of LED lights. Just look at our gallery!

Secondly, LEDS possess psychological and physiological benefits. It is more natural feeling than fluorescent bulbs, more like daylight. In terms of office space, this helps with productivity, concentration and memory, three things necessary in sealing any deal.

The long and short of it is that LEDs create an appealing, well-lit and psychologically beneficial space. Whether it is your office or your home, the benefits are numerous. While Spector focuses primarily on the use of LED lighting in office spaces, it’s easy to see how his arguments can be applied to the home.

the benefits of LED lights

Look at that sculptural aesthetic!

Who doesn’t want a sculptural aesthetic that dominates their home? Who doesn’t want to feel psychological and physiological at ease in their home? Adding LED lighting to a home, either inside or outside, raises the resale value of the home. So, at the very least, there is potential profit.

Regardless of the reasons for embracing LEDs, one thing is certain: Illuminations USA has been adding a sculptural aesthetic to Central Florida homes for close to 20 years!


*Office image courtesy of igor terekhov