Safeco Field Is the Latest Baseball Park to Install LED Lights

One of the major beneficiaries of LED lights is America’s sporting stadiums, including baseball parks, those legendary symbols of Americana. There are a number reasons why a baseball park would install LED lights, with number one being the energy costs. LED lights are considerably less expensive than older systems of lighting. However, they offer specific baseball benefits that positively impact the course of the game and a fan’s experience at it. Safeco Field, the home of the Seattle Mariners, is the latest baseball park to install LED lights. The Mariners organization couldn’t no longer ignore the plethora of benefits.

In this article, a number of these benefits are discussed. Firstly, LED lights are directional, which means they are perfect for baseball parks, because they reduce glare and shadows in the field, making it easier for both players and fans to see. Stadium LED lights also affect the viewing experience from your home, as they improve color on HD television. Additional studies show that LED lights improve athlete performance, as the lights can dramatically alter energy levels and moods.

So, let us get this straight – LED lights save money in the long run, are better for the environment, improve the fan experience, and benefits player performance. Why exactly then aren’t all ballparks doing it? Only time will tell, but one thing is clear: more stadiums and arenas are making the switch to LED lights. Is there a baseball stadium in your neck of the woods you’d like to see outfitted with LED lights?