Internet of Things and Landscape Lighting

Internet of Things Is the landscape lighting at your home becoming outdated or less functional than it used to? Then you may be thrilled to find out about some of the exciting trends that are taking place in the lighting industry. We are talking about lighting advancements that will make our homes more controlled and secured, and it all starts with the Internet of Things.

So what is this Internet of Things? In a nutshell, it is the ability for everyday objects to have network connectivity and a way of talking to other web-connected devices in an effort to create increased ease of use and productivity in ways we may have never thought of before. And yes, this can also apply to external lighting.

You may be wondering how an everyday item can possibly obtain the ability to connect to the internet, but you will be surprised to the number of advances companies are making to have every item around your home connect to one another. What’s even better is the fact that this connectivity also means that you will have the ability to control any of your lighting from a remote or even your cellphone.

When it comes to lighting, this advanced technology can do wonders. In its most basic form, we will soon be able to control more of our internal and external lighting remotely. So if we are out of town but we still want to give the neighborhood the impression that we are at home, we will be able to use a tablet or smartphone to turn the lights on and off from miles away at any time that we choose.

But it gets even more exciting than that! As more research is conducted, we may be able to program our lights to turn on, dim or increase in brightness based on the weather conditions or the amount of cloud activity occurring in the area. We may even be able to pre-program customized lighting styles and formations to tie in to seasonal preferences, parties or events scheduled far in the future.

The sky’s the limit to what may soon be possible with our everyday appliances and functionality with the Internet of Things. While these are trends that may be possible in the future, there are already existing lighting technologies that are simply out of this world, including LED outdoor lighting and eco-friendly lighting.

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