Detroit’s MacArthur Bridge Outfitted with LED Lights

Over recent years, LED lights have made quite a splash when it comes to America’s bridges. Each year, more and more bridges are being outfitted with LED lights. Not only does this improve visibility while driving at night, as LED lights are more potent than older lighting systems, it is also a cheaper alternative to those archaic lights and is more environmentally-friendly and safer – making LED lighted bridges a no-brainer for many cities and towns.

The latest bridge to be outfitted with LED lights is Detroit’s MacArthur Bridge on Belle Island. In this Detroit Free Press article, Daniel Bethencourt writes, “More than 300 new bulbs on the bridge and the lagoon by Scott Fountain are installed on the park, thanks to $50,000 in support from Detroit Pistons principal owner Tom Gores and Platinum Equity.”

The LED lighted bridge is just one more step toward the revitalization of Detroit and the surrounding area. The lighting of the bridge was treated with the pomp and circumstance that such an event deserves. The chairman of the Grand Prix, Bud Denker, rode over the bridge in a 2015 Chevy Camaro. The event certainly had its flair for the dramatics, as Denker rode in complete darkness when suddenly the entire bridge was illuminated in white LED lights. The crowd was certainly enthralled.

As LED lights grow in popularity and convenience, it is a near certainty that more and more bridges will be outfitted with them. Are there any bridges where you live that you think could benefit from LED lights? Let us know in the comments below.