Benefits of Using Timed Architectural Lighting

Have you ever come home after a night out and stumble up to your steps, or drop your keys because you couldn’t see your doorknob? These are common problems that can be easily resolved with architectural lighting.

ArBenefits of Using Timed Architectural Lightingchitectural and landscape lighting are great ways to add beauty and security to your home or business. You can use landscape lighting to illuminate high traffic areas like doorways, steps, and corridors. They can also highlight unique design elements.

If you are looking to invest in landscape lighting, here is why you should consider timed lights:

Helps schedule lighting changes.

Installing a timer that can handle multiple lighting changes can help your home or business lighting in numerous situations. For example, if you want your lighting to only remain on until midnight, you can set the timer to kill the lights at 12:01 a.m. Perhaps you have the opposite situation – you work until after dark but want to come home to a well-lit home. Set the timer to turn on when the sun sets and arrive home to a bright yard that shows off the most attractive features of your home.

A timer can also be of use if you’re going out of town.

This is a great way to thwart burglars. A timer allows you to set a time for the lights outside to come on, making it look like your home even if you’re not. Outdoor lighting helps to deter would-be criminals, and when paired with indoor timers that keep the bulbs on in the different rooms of your home, your home will look occupied and active while you’re away.

Timers are also great for dimming your lighting installation.

You may not always want your lights shining at their full intensity all the time. A timer will allow you to program your lighting brightness, keeping your home illuminated and looking its best.

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