Are LED Lights Invading Your Local Supermarket?

With each new day, it’s more apparent that LED lights are becoming a bigger part of our lives. From big things like stadium lights to littler things like the smartphones in our pockets, LED lights are affecting us in ways never thought possible. Take, for example, the latest development in this great technology that is taking place in France.

This BBC article describes the LED experience that French shoppers are having in supermarkets. Leo Kelion writes, “French shoppers have become the first to experience a new LED lighting system that sends special offers and location data to their smartphones.”

All of us shop, so it’s a surprise that the technology has taken this long to filter into our grocery spending habits. So the technology works the following way: LED lights are installed in certain supermarkets, transmitting coupon codes and other specials via light waves. Although customers can’t see the light, their smartphones can and subsequently pick up the codes.

This is certainly an ingenious way to offer codes, convenient and effective, but perhaps what’s more beneficial is that it takes 50% less electricity than older lighting systems. So, what are the drawbacks? Nothing really, which is why we might be seeing them installed in supermarkets stateside. What are your thoughts? Are you excited for the thought of LED lights installed in your local supermarket?

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