Liquor Bottles Prepackaged with LED Messages

We’ve talked about interesting LED innovations on this blog before, whether it’s an illuminated beer pong table or supermarket LED lights magically finding their way to the smartphone in your pocket and sharing coupon codes. Now LED lights are again going one-step further and changing the way liquor bottles operate. Yes, liquor bottles.

In this Valley News article, Michelle Locke discusses the LED ambitions of Medea vodka, based in California. The company has recently rolled out liquor bottles prepackaged with an LED message that can be customized to scroll any message via a free smartphone app.

Locke writes, “Bluetooth technology is changing the way drinkers – and barkeeps – are interacting with their bottles. This new use of tech means consumers can customize messages on the bottles they are drinking.”

What this creates a more intimate relationship between provider and customer, between barkeep and customer, and between friends in general. The Medea vodka bottle is just one example of a company going the extra LED mile to interact with customers in new and exciting ways. The first wave of these LED bottles consisted of someone manually pushing buttons to key in letters. The second wave of these bottles will evolve on that idea and can be programmed with a wireless device.

The LED world is constantly evolving and it’s always exciting to see what innovation we’ll read about next! What do you think? Will LED bottles change the way you drink? Let us know in the comments below.