LEDs at Christmastime

It’s tough to believe, but Christmas is three weeks and some odd days away! It will be here before we know it. We are excited to see that Christmas LED fever is sweeping the nation. The best example of this craze can be seen in 76-foot Christmas tree at NYC’s Rockefeller Center. Why is this particular tree special? Well, the size of course, but it’s more than that – the wizened old tree will be lit by more than 45,000 fantastically colored LED lights. Yes, the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree will be powered by LEDs, which means one thing: Christmas cheer and that indomitable holiday spirit will be powered by LEDs. The tree will be lit Wednesday night, so be sure to tune into a news channel to check out the more than 80-year-old ceremony.

Not only will LEDs be the focal point of Rockefeller’s holiday spirit, they may also be the focal point of many people’s gift giving, according to this Thedailybeast.com article by Daniel Gross. He writes, “Most people would regard a light bulb in their stocking with the same enthusiasm with which they’d greet a lump of coal. But they shouldn’t. For this year, when you give the gift of an expensive, highly-efficient, LED, you’ll be bringing light – and an annuity that could pay out a couple hundred dollars of dividends over the next decade.”

Christmas LEDsWell, imagine that – light bulbs in the stockings that hang from fireplaces! While Gross is right insofar as it would be an unaccustomed gift, he is also right in mentioning the almost limitless benefits that LED gifts can provide. Over the years, simple LED light bulbs will save you hundreds of dollars, if not more. They are that energy efficient and will soon dominate the future of lighting in America and the world. Although the LED light bulbs cost much more than traditional bulbs, Gross argues that they are worth it in the long run.

At Illuminations USA, we couldn’t agree with Gross more. We‘ve been spreading LED holiday cheer in Central Florida for decades! Contact us to learn more.