The LED Magic Carpet Ride

Every day, it seems like a resourceful person or group is coming up with a new way to use LEDs. One such idea proposes that we use LEDs in carpets and other flooring options. The carpet, in particular, is referred to as an LED light transmissive carpet and is the brainchild of Dutch electronics firm Philips and their partnership with Desso. They are adding new meaning to the term magic carpet ride.

According to this article, “The carpet will have LED lights integrated into its fibres, and looks as if it could be used in a variety of ways.” This almost-futuristic carpet would be used workplaces, hotels, public buildings and so forth, providing a yellow brick road for people so they can safely and comfortably enter and exit rooms.

To demonstrate the effectiveness and flexibility of transmissive carpets, the Philips website is currently showing their use in an airport, movie theater and outside a hotel room. The flexibility is a great selling point. If transmissive carpets become the mainstream, gone will be the days of safety signs – safety can just be programmed into the lights. As information pours in regarding the building and certain situations, the LEDs can be updated.

Central Florida LED LightsWhile at Illuminations USA, we haven’t worked with transmissive carpets, we have however been providing Central Florida with LEDs for years, so if you want to turn your house into a beacon of innovative lighting, call us today!