LED Lights Changing Cities

LED lighting

It’s no surprise to hear that LED lights have been invading cities for years, with their easier methods of manipulation and cheaper electric costs. But it might be interesting to hear that there are more benefits to LED lights taking over as streetlights, and just lights all over the town. It has nothing to do… Read more »

LED Lights for the New, Electric City

Scranton, Pennsylvania it just one of many new cities to join the recent collection of places to see what LED can do for their electrical bills. And it came just in time for their La Festa Italiana, though that is entirely on purpose, as the Festival paid for the nearby Electric City sign to be… Read more »

LED Lights Leading the Future of Sports

When Kobe Bryant’s name is thrown around, people tend to start to listen to what’s going on. But no one quite expected that LED lights would be the entire craze when it comes to basketball. For the longest time in basketball, we have been using lights for keeping score and the functioning of the scoreboard…. Read more »

Light Therapy in the Home

LED Lighting in Daytona Beach

We’ve known for years that light can largely affect the way our skin works and functions well. The more light skin is exposed to, the healthier it tended to be, unless it was exposed to UV light which then had different wavelengths that were harmful and others that were helpful. Still with the proof of… Read more »

Remote Control LED Manipulation

The world of LED lights can now fit in the palm of your hand. Well, not exactly, but tablets and phones that do fit in the palm of your hand can now be used in a variety of ways to manipulate LED lights. The company MAZeT has produced a True Color sensor for the control… Read more »

New Haven in Bright Lights

Cities are all stepping on the bandwagon as more and more places in the US decide to change out their streetlights for LED Lights. New Haven is the most recent as it installed LED lights in multiple new locations. Though they have many more to place, the citizens that have had the change already noticed… Read more »

Duke Field Hockey and LED Lights

Applications for light-emitting diode lighting technologies abound in outdoor facilities of all kinds. Sporting and recreation facilities especially can benefit from the inclusion of energy-efficient lighting that can keep courts lit up late into the night. Illuminations USA is very experienced with projects requiring late-night lighting for pools and more. It’s good to see that… Read more »

LED in the City

LED lighting

It didn’t take long for an entire city to change over to LED lights recently. Buenos Aires in Argentina just changed over from the thousands of streetlights they previously had to LED lights that were completely integrated and connected to each other. This process was to bring about the brilliant interfacing of a computer with… Read more »

The Power of Lights for Day and Night

History of Landscape Lighting

Light makes might, or at least helps with photosynthesis for all the vegetables that will make you mighty. For the longest time, a few thousand years, we have been quite capable in farming and agriculture; in fact it helped us advance to being more than hunters and gatherers. But the biggest thing that has limited… Read more »

LED Lighting is Changing the Face of Communication

LED lighting

LED lights are pegged to become the bridge between smart phones and dumb cases this year. The Feeling Skin is a new iPhone case that, while still in the prototype phase, claims to bring smart phone accessories up to smartphone technology levels. And they’re not the only company to do so. Lunecase has also just… Read more »