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2021 Outdoor Lighting Trends

Path Lighting at Night

When it comes to lighting your outdoor space, you not only want something that is practical, but something you and your guests will enjoy being surrounded by. With so many options, it may seem overwhelming to find the perfect outdoor lighting for your space. Whether it be energy-efficient LED lighting, low voltage lighting or anything… Read more »

4 Things You May Not Have Known About LED Lighting.

LED Lighting for Landscaping

At Illuminations USA, we like to encourage our customers to make the switch to LED lighting when they’re installing new landscape lighting. Not only is LED lighting better for the environment, but it can help save you money, and it stands out compared to other types of lighting. Are you thinking of making the switch?… Read more »

Four Benefits of LED Christmas Lights

Did you know that LED lights make a great choice for Christmas cheer? You might already know that LED Christmas lights can save you money, but they actually have several benefits. Read on to find out why you should consider using LED bulbs for your Christmas decorations this year. They’re good for the environment An… Read more »

Upgrade Your Existing Landscape Lighting to LEDs

When beautiful, elegant landscaping graces your home, the last thing you want to do is keep it hidden in the dark. The best way to dramatically change the look of your home for the better is by accentuating your home’s most appealing features. From pathways to gorgeous gardens and pools to grand entrances, keeping your… Read more »

LEDs Surge in Popularity as CFLs Start Phasing Out

General Electric recently announced that it will phase out compact florescent light (CFL) bulbs and increase its focus on LED lights by the end of the year. Since the government began efforts to phase out incandescent light bulbs for failing to meet new energy standards, CFL bulbs have become incredibly popular mainly because of their low price… Read more »

LED Lighting Spreading Overseas

Lights shining in your eyes at every turn while upon a naval ship can make things rather frustrating, especially when you see them every day, maybe a hundred times a day. This is precisely why Navy veteran and president of Energy Focus, Eric Hilliard, have stated that if anyone needs an update with lighting systems… Read more »

Industry-Leading LED Awards

Many of the customers who trust Illuminations USA to provide industry-leading LED lighting design solutions for outdoor landscapes or other settings have never used an LED lighting installation service before. Even when customers are aware of the energy-efficient benefits of using light-emitting diode technology, they often don’t know who to go to for expert insight… Read more »

Innovative Lighting Choices Designed to Enhance the Look of Your Home

Different types of lighting used in innovative ways offer unique benefits, depending on their placement around the home and how they are installed. Below we detail the types of lighting offered at Illuminations USA, and the best ways to use them to enhance the overall beauty of your home. Architectural Lighting – The structure of… Read more »