2021 Outdoor Lighting Trends

When it comes to lighting your outdoor space, you not only want something that is practical, but something you and your guests will enjoy being surrounded by.

With so many options, it may seem overwhelming to find the perfect outdoor lighting for your space. Whether it be energy-efficient LED lighting, low voltage lighting or anything in between, the options are nearly limitless.  

Researching the latest trends in outdoor lighting will give you several unique ideas to narrow your search and will get your creative juices flowing. Get a leg up on the other home’s in the neighborhood by checking out a few of the latest trends for 2021.  

Path Lighting at Night

Low-voltage landscape lighting

One of the biggest trends of the year comes in the form of an energy-efficient light that packs a punch. Low-voltage landscape lighting is ideal as it requires far less voltage than a traditional light but can still offer the brightness you require.

These lights are not only more energy-efficient, but they’re also easier to install and maintain and are a safer option overall. Low-voltage lights are typically LED lights that can be installed around your home, garden or pool area, providing a modern yet practical feel.

Path lights to guide the way

Many homes have lighting that leads to the front door, but path lighting to pool areas or gardens has seen an increase in popularity this year.

Whether it be standard or solar-powered, path lights will make it easy for family and friends to roam around the yard when the sun goes down.

Path lights can be installed with the brightness that you desire, so they won’t bother you when you’re relaxing on the patio or deck. They can even be installed in your walkway, creating a unique, secure path that won’t emit light throughout your entire yard.

Outdoor wall lighting with a classic feel

Many people have been looking to turn back the clock when it comes to wall lighting, with glass lanterns becoming a growing trend.

These provide an old-timey appearance, while also fitting in well with today’s homes and outdoor amenities. Picture an antique lantern that would hold a candle, but with a modern twist.

They come in a wide variety of styles and the fixtures can be customized to fit the needs of your home.

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