4 Things You May Not Have Known About LED Lighting.

At Illuminations USA, we like to encourage our customers to make the switch to LED lighting when they’re installing new landscape lighting. Not only is LED lighting better for the environment, but it can help save you money, and it stands out compared to other types of lighting.

Are you thinking of making the switch? Here are a few things that you might not have known about LED lighting: 

LED Lighting for Landscaping

LED Lightbulbs Are More Flexible with Light Direction

Incandescent lightbulbs can be frustrating to use. Unlike LED lighting, incandescent bulbs will throw light at all angles, making directing light very difficult. However, when you switch to using LED lighting, you can more easily focus the light where it’s needed. LED light bulbs are a great option for lighting up darker backyards! 

LED Lightbulbs Come in a Range of Color Temperatures

Whether you’re looking for a cool white or a warmer glow, LEDs come in a range of light color temperatures. When you’re choosing your lighting, you’ll notice that each lightbulb has a correlated color temperature, which will correspond to a Kelvin temperature scale. As a rule of thumb, the lower the number of Kelvins, the warmer the light will be. 

LED Bulbs Can Last Much Longer Than Traditional Light Bulbs

Believe it or not, LED bulbs will last longer than your traditional light bulbs. They can last nearly three years if it runs 24 hours a day and even longer if you turn them off throughout the day. Typically your LED bulbs will last about 25 times longer than a standard light bulb. 

Making the Switch to LED Bulbs Will Save You Money

Many people hesitate to switch to LED bulbs because it doesn’t seem like LEDs can save you money. Usually, you end up paying more for LED bulbs, but you should think of it as a long-term investment. So although you’re paying more upfront for your lighting, they will last you a lot longer than an incandescent bulb. 

Plus, LED lighting will also help you reduce your energy consumption by about 70-90%, which will result in you saving money on your overall utilities. 

Installing LED Lights in Your Yard

Are you convinced to make the switch yet? Allow us to help make your decision easier! Contact the professionals at Illuminations USA to learn more about the LED lighting we offer for your landscaping!