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4 Things You May Not Have Known About LED Lighting.

LED Lighting for Landscaping

At Illuminations USA, we like to encourage our customers to make the switch to LED lighting when they’re installing new landscape lighting. Not only is LED lighting better for the environment, but it can help save you money, and it stands out compared to other types of lighting. Are you thinking of making the switch?… Read more »

Can Outdoor Lighting Help You Sell Your Home?

Outdoor Lighting for Your Home

Has quarantining inspired you to plan your next move? The summertime is the perfect time for families to start the search for their dream home. Before you pick up and move to your next spot, you’ll first have to sell your current home.  As you try to sell your home, you’ll want to make it… Read more »

Reasons to Live in Florida

History of Landscape Lighting

At Illuminations USA, we proudly offer our lighting services to property owners throughout Florida. But if you don’t already live in this state and you hope to one day take advantage of our services, you may be wondering: what are some of the reasons of moving to Florida in the first place? Fortunately, there are… Read more »