Tips For Decorating Your Home with Christmas Lights

A house is perfectly decorated with Christmas lights

The temperatures are getting colder, the sun is setting earlier, and holiday music is starting to fill the airwaves. I suppose you could say it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As we finally reach December, it’s just about the time when we start thinking about how we’re gong to decorate for the holidays. One of the classic traditions is, of course, hanging lights on the outside of our homes. If you’re new to owning a home or just to decorating the outside of it, there are a few things you should know before you begin. Here are some tips for decorating the outside of your house:

Go In with A Plan

You shouldn’t just start hanging lights all over your house and yard without knowing what you want it to look like when you’re done. Draw out a plan of where all the lights are going to go so you know that you have enough of them and that it’ll look how you want it to before you begin. If this is your first year decorating, maybe start simple by just doing a few bushes.

Be Safe

If you’re going to be hanging lights all over the outside of the house, be sure you’re using a sturdy ladder. Only go on the room if you’re sure it’s not icy and there’s no precipitation. Only use lights that are specifically intended for outdoor use. Avoid using staples, screws, nails, and hooks when electrical tape will do.

Consider Landscape Lighting

There’s no reason your festive lighting has to be limited to string lights placed across your home, bushes, and trees. Consider using some ground and stake lighting for added dimension. If you already have some landscape lighting, change out the lightbulbs with red or green colored ones for the season. This will complement your other, non-light-based decorations.

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