Planning Your Christmas Light Decoration Layout

The holidays are just around the corner, which also means that the colder weather is on its way. So, it’s time to start planning your outdoor Christmas lighting ideas; you don’t want to get caught without a plan when it’s too cold to hang your lights!

Here are a few tips for hanging your Christmas lights this season:

Patterned Lighting

Many people stick to trimming the corners of their homes with lights; but we say, why not design a pattern on your walls or roof? You could make your house look like a real gingerbread house and spread some serious Christmas cheer with a diamond-shaped pattern in lights on your roof and walls (created by cross-hatching two layers of lights in equal distances).

Lighting the Yard

If you’re more of a traditionalist and prefer to just trim the edges of your home with Christmas lights, perhaps this year, you could line your driveway with lights, or throw some in the trees in your lawn to make your home look like a real winter wonderland! You don’t have to wrap every single branch but wrapping a few major branches will still make the tree illuminate the dark, creating a beautiful scene.

Here’s a bit of a shortcut tip: If you have a tough time getting lights just how you like them on your front lawn bushes, you can purchase lights in sheets now, rather than just strands. Simply de-tangle and lay the sheet over the bush for a fully twinkled, Christmas-y effect.

We hope you have enjoyed our quick tips for trimming your home in Christmas lights—we can’t wait for the holiday season to officially begin!

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