The Art of Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting is, simply, an art. Here’s a look at how we can help you achieve the look you’re going for using nothing more than lighting.

The first trick is to find a type of light and something to light that is going to catch eyes as people drive by. Lighting can also help to set boundaries. Lights set up in garden beds along a path are a mere suggestion of where to go, while lights that illuminate the path itself provide a more direct guide.

In marking paths, don’t be afraid to mix and match fixtures! This eliminates the too-clean, pre-packaged look. As with many things, less is more, especially in lighting a path. It’s all about suggestion, not stark policing of where to walk, where to look, and where to wear sunglasses at night.

architectural-lighting-orlandoIlluminating plants and shrubbery is another use of lighting. Why only enjoy your landscape design during the day? Lighting up plants and garden fixtures can add texture, color, and depth to an otherwise dark nightscape.

Another tool to look into is “moon lighting”. This is a technique where bulbs are place high in trees, creating a real moonlight effect in a yard or garden. This lighting is generally cooler – again, a nice choice for the art of suggestion.

Dimmer switches are a fantastic investment. Being in control of when a section of your outdoor space pops and when it’s only lightly lit is a huge advantage toward versatility.

For more ideas on how to use outdoor lighting, contact Illuminations USA today. Our designers and installers are happy to help!