Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

LED houseOutdoor lighting has the potential to turn your yard from a space separate from your house into an extension of the home you’ve built. If thought out and executed with care, landscape lighting has the potential to highlight your favorite outdoor pieces, but will also let guests know where seating and meeting areas are. Here are a few DIY ideas we’ve put together that can either inspire you for bigger, professionally-installed pieces, or act as accent lighting.

Simple hanging bulbs work really well off of awnings or patio roofs, as you can customize the shades to match your garden and outdoor furniture. Going with a stainless steel pendant lamp is a safe bet – it will weather the elements well and also fits with the industrial chic look that’s been popular for a few years.

Candles are wonderful for accent lighting, but just not very practical for long-term use. Take an old chandelier and update it with a few tweaks so that it can safely house battery-operated candles. This also works with Moroccan lanterns or strategically placed mason jars, depending on the look you’re going for. These pieces are stunning while lit at night, but are also beautiful focal points during the day.

Illumination USA - Architectural LightingNever underestimate the power of holiday lighting all year round. Using strings of light to line pathways is always a great idea – just be careful to keep them far enough off of the path that they don’t get stepped on.

Outdoor lighting is a tricky art to get just right, made even trickier by the higher safety hazards associated with exterior lighting over interior lighting. For projects that will illuminate your entire outdoor space, call the professionals at Illuminations USA.