Preparing Your Backyard for Summer

Summer is approaching which means so are the many reasons to host parties in your backyard. Now is the perfect time to redesign your backyard! If you are considering making changes to your backyard but are unsure of where to begin, here are some design essentials to help transform your outdoor space.

Establish Defined Spaces

learn how to transform your backyard

In order to give your backyard a working plan, you need to establish how you will use your space. By strategically placing décor, furniture, and plants you can define how you want your backyard to look and feel. To define your backyard space, you should first consider its intended use. If you want to host a ton of parties, your backyard will look much different from someone who wants a quiet place to meditate. Keep your intentions in mind when designing your yard.

Color Scheme

Show your personal style with the color scheme you choose for your backyard. To create a cohesive look, choose colors that match or compliment the color of your house. Use bright colors in places that you want to highlight and draw attention to. To figure out where to place specific colors consider what aspects of your backyard you want to showcase and what areas you want less emphasis on.


Furniture will give your backyard an inviting feeling. If you have a deck or patio this is a great place to create a shady social environment. Overhead awnings and patio umbrellas can give you a space to cool down in the summer heat. When selecting exterior furniture, it is important to be mindful of the material you select and how it will function outside.


You may not have a green thumb but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lush green garden. If you are going to maintain the garden yourself, begin with slow growing plants and shrubs. Slower growing plants are a great choice if you are just starting out because they won’t require as much attention as others. When planning a garden, it is important to consider how you will sustain it. Be mindful of where you place your garden in relation to your water source.

LightingAdding landscape lighting to your outdoor space will help create the perfect vibe for your next gathering.

Showcase your beautiful backyard even after the sun sets. Chances are you won’t want to pack up the party once it gets dark outside, so to ensure that your backyard is completely ready for the summer make sure you use landscape lighting. Installing outdoor lighting can enhance curb appeal, increase security, and make it safer to maneuver around the outside of your home. When considering installing outside lights contact Illuminations USA. Since 1994, we have been a trusted company throughout Central Florida. Visit our gallery to see how we can create a professional landscape lighting design for your home!