Lighting Tips That Will Make Your Home Stand Out This Holiday Season

It’s officially the holiday season, which means it’s time to start hanging up your holiday lights. If you’re looking for some creative ways to feature your holiday lighting, here are some of our best tips and tricks! 

Holiday Lighting Tips

Consider the Proportion of Your Decorating Elements

When decorating your property, always consider how your decorations and lighting will appear from the street. When you choose décor that’s too large or small for your home, it may make your landscaping look cluttered. Instead of playing around with yard décor, try focusing on decorating your landscaping with lights.

The right lighting will beautifully showcase your home and holiday decor. Plus, when you’re decorating with lights, you can go as simple or as complex as you’d like!

Highlight Your Landscape Features

Another way you can decorate your landscaping for the holiday season is by highlighting your favorite landscape features. With this approach, you’ll want to focus on the shrubs, trees, and other focal points of your yard. You can choose to decorate these features with string lights, or you can add spotlights to help uplight parts of your landscaping.

Just place the lights so that they are shining upwards at the base of your decor to make your yard well-lit and stand out!

Choose Your Colors

There are a few lighting colors you can choose when decorating for the holidays. One of the most traditional colors being an all-white lighting scheme. Not only is it a classic color choice, but it helps make your landscaping look clean and sleek.

Besides white lighting, you may see other yards experimenting with red, green, or blue lighting too.

Illuminate Your Walkways

As an additional safety feature in your yard, you should always make it a priority to include holiday lighting into your walkways and entrances of your home. Because the holidays always bring more guests to your home than any other time of the year, your guests will appreciate a well-lit walkway!

Contact a Professional to Help Decorate Your Yard

If you’re looking for lighting features to help highlight your holiday decor, make sure you’re checking out our available lighting options. At Illuminations USA, we offer professional landscape lighting services for homes and businesses in Central Florida.

Contact us online or give us a call at 407-880-0700 to learn how we can help you this holiday season!