Light Up Your Garden with LED Lights

LED Lighting for Garden

You’ve made the investment in your garden, now it’s time to properly show it off at all times of the day.

With the addition of LED lights to your garden, you will gain the ability to display your flowers, trees and more to add curb appeal and show just how much you care about the appearance of your home.

In this blog we will explore a few other reasons why you should take the plunge and add LED lights to your space.

They’re adaptable to your needs

LED lights are ideal for nearly any garden as they have the ability to adapt to very specific lighting needs. Whether you add bright white LEDs to bring a new look to the exotic plants, palm trees in your garden or smaller floodlights for grasses and colorful fauna, LEDs come in many different tints to meet your exact needs.

They’re extremely durable

The durability and service life of LED lights make them a great choice for most any landscapes. Where excessive heat and humidity can affect the function of incandescent lighting, LEDs won’t crumble under this pressure and will be able to withstand heavy rains, flooding and more without breaking down.

They don’t attract insects

While you may think that insects are attracted to all lights, they typically do not hang around LED lights. This is because insects are attracted to UV light which most LEDs do not emit. This will not only help your garden look better but can promote better health for your plants and allow your lights to last for a longer period.

Should you feel that LED lights are the solution for your garden, we ask that you reach out to our experienced lighting team at Illuminations USA.

We are proud to offer LED lighting options to homeowners throughout the Orlando, FL area, and have been providing the very best lighting designs for gardens for nearly 30 years.

For more information on our outdoor lighting options and how they can best be incorporated into your landscape, we ask that you reach out to us today at 407-880-0700.