LED Lights Make Their Big Football Debut

This year’s biggest football game was an exciting game, but one of the most exciting things about it you may not have known is that it was the first to be played under LED lights. The University of Phoenix Stadium used to use 780 metal halide fixtures. These lights totaled 1.2 million watts, but not anymore. For the big game the stadium replaced those old lights with 312 LED lighting fixtures. In total, these used 310,000 watts, about a quarter of the previous light’s energy usage.

But the University of Phoenix Stadium isn’t the first to make the jump to LED. There are hundreds of sporting venues across the country that already take advantage of this technology. Of course, few of them, if any, are as large as the University of Phoenix Stadium, and certainly none have hosted a game as high profile as the NFL championship.

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The fact that LED lights can reduce energy consumption and costs is just one of the benefits that sports teams and fans can be happy about. These lights can also work to influence ambient temperature. They radiate less heat than average lights, so they could be useful in an ice rink where typical lights can slowly melt the ice over time.

If you watched the big game you may not have been paying attention to the lights in the stadium, but we’re happy to know that this great technology is becoming more and more widespread. Where do you think we’ll see LED lighting used next? Let us know what you think and keep checking back with our blog for more LED lighting news!