LED Lights for the New, Electric City

Scranton, Pennsylvania it just one of many new cities to join the recent collection of places to see what LED can do for their electrical bills. And it came just in time for their La Festa Italiana, though that is entirely on purpose, as the Festival paid for the nearby Electric City sign to be refurbished in time, and LED lights seemed like the perfect option, especially since it would end up costing less with the LED lights in electricity all year than it did for the last decade to keep that sign active.

The savings with the electric lights for the sign were only just one of the perks. The lights also add an intense brightness that the previous lights for the sign didn’t have, as well as the addition of a longer lasting potential with the lights. Of course, this meant the La Festa Italiana was also used to celebrate the new sign as well this year. They even did a comparison between one of the old incandescent bulbs, which was used for over 80 years, and the new bulbs that were just installed. You could see the brightness and difference with the bulbs from hundreds of feet away.

LEDs help the environmentThe colors won’t be quite as radical or along a rainbow spectrum. Mostly the sign will have the colors that it originally did back in the 1930s. Strangely enough, those two colors happen to be Red and Green, which are also the same colors on the Italian Flag, which will be hung during the La Festa Italiana.

Many people in the city, and just visiting the city for the festival were excited to see the new unveiling and lighting. And it was quite the spectacle to behold. And although the festival is just ending, those lights will be shining for a few years still before needing to be replaced. That’s the power in LED these days.

Source: http://wnep.com/2014/08/28/power-to-save-electric-city-lit-in-led/