Keep the Party Going With Patio Lighting

Entertaining outdoors is a great way to enjoy beautiful weather and with the right patio lighting, your backyard can become the perfect setting for a lively party under the stars.

Patio LightingEffective patio lighting combines practical function with decorative flair that matches your personal style. When considering your outdoor lighting plan, think of the same guidelines that you would use for indoor lighting. Use a combination of task, ambient and accent lighting to create patio lighting that creates a gorgeous and purposeful setting for entertaining.

Patio Task Lighting

If you are grilling or serving guests from an outdoor bar, patio task lighting is a must. Directed light from sconces or targeted spotlights can provide the light you need to work without filling your yard with the jarring brightness of floodlights. Lighting paths, walkways, steps and stairs will help your guests safely navigate your patio and yard.

Ambient Patio Lighting

This is the soft, gentle lighting that fills a space and sets the atmosphere. Think overhead string lights, hanging lanterns, decorative pendants or even an outdoor overhead chandelier. Fixtures hung from patio railings, fences or pergola posts also lend decorative illumination and ambiance.

Accent Patio Lighting

Like task lighting, accent lighting directs light to a specific space. Its purpose is to create focal points and to help set a mood or provide drama in decorating your space. To incorporate it into your patio lighting, consider spotlighting an interesting architectural feature or swimming pool, uplighting trees or illuminating unique landscaping aspects in your yard.

Whether you want to create a casual setting for backyard barbecues or a dramatic backdrop for more formal outdoor soirees, well-planned patio lighting can set the stage for successful outdoor evening entertaining. For an attractive, comfortable atmosphere, balance light with layered light sources. Another tip: consider using low-voltage LED lighting if you weren’t already planning to. LED lighting is ideal for outdoor use because it is safe in rain and other adverse weather and is very energy-efficient, meaning you can keep the party going well into the night without worrying about running up your electric bill.

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