Keep Bugs Away with Exterior LED Lights

Bugs swarm to light at night

Everyone enjoys a nice summer backyard party. Maybe you’re looking forward to grilling some food, sipping on some beverages, jumping in the pool or just catching up with friends. Or perhaps you’re ready to enjoy a quiet evening reading alone on your patio.

But you’re probably not looking forward to swatting away mosquitos and dealing with flies, moths and other bugs that tend to be more present in the warm-weather months. Luckily, there’s a way to keep those pests away: by investing in LED lights for your backyard.

Some Bugs Swarm Lights

Ever wonder why you so often see bugs swarming around outdoor lights? Some insects have positive phototaxis, which means they are attracted to light. Some, like moths and flies, can’t resist the urge and tend to just hover around lights. The more lights in your backyard, the more bugs that can be attracted.

Why LED Lights are Different

LED white lights only attract half as many bugs as compact fluorescent lights. This is because LED lights tend to give off far less heat than incandescent lights, but also because they emit almost no UV light. Meanwhile, specialized yellow LED bug lights will attract almost no insects at all. They accomplish this by creating a light that is nearly impossible for the vast majority of insects to see.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you know why you’re being swarmed with bugs and how to get rid of them, it’s time to act. Plan to have LED lighting set up in your backyard if you want to enjoy fewer insects this summer. Illuminations USA can help you design, install and maintain your LED landscape lighting. We’ll use our nearly three decades of experience to ensure the job is done correctly. Call us at 407-880-0700 or email us at for more information.