Christmas LED Lights

The holiday electric bill no longer has to break into your holiday spending account. LED Christmas and holiday lighting fixtures are becoming the norm – and it’s easy to see why. LED Christmas lights use 90% less energy than their incandescent competitors. And the electric bill isn’t the only reason to make the switch from the more traditional incandescents.

LED Christmas lights are far less delicate than other Christmas lights. They endure moisture and breakage during storage with far more grace than their lesser counterparts. Because of the material, LED lighting tends to have more flexibility in quirkiness as well. It’s not uncommon to find light strings shaped like snowflakes, snowmen, or even dreidls.

LED lights also don’t heat up like traditional holiday lights. Although house fires usually spike during December and early January, LED lighting trends are quickly turning that around. Because LED lights don’t have the same small filaments as traditional bulbs, they also have the capability to last for years without dimming or burning out.

LEDs help the environmentLED lights are already brighter than incandescent bulbs. And they shine just as brightly outside, as the damp, heat, and cold spikes that come with being strung outside have virtually no effect on these lighting systems.

LED lights also have the ability to change colors. This allows for much more versatility in how you’re using the lighting than with incandescent bulbs, which rely on the paint on the glass rather than changing the light source itself.

It’s time to switch to the smarter, safer, and cheaper way of lighting your home for the holidays. For all of your LED installation needs, contact Illuminations USA. We’re happy to help!