Celebrate National Garden Month with Outdoor Lighting!

You shouldn’t be limited to only enjoying your garden during the day, especially with summer slowly approaching. Fortunately, April is National Garden Month, which is a great excuse to revamp your garden’s design.

Celebrate this month by brightening up your garden!

About National Garden Month

Brighten Up Your Home's Exterior DesignEvery year, we dedicate the month of April to our gardens! It celebrates the fact that spring has sprung and the time has come to breathe life back into our home. Gardening is proven to be beneficial for our health, both mentally as a stress reliever, as well as physically with some fresh produce right from our yard. Gardening also adds a new and exciting way to enhance the exterior of your home.

Accentuate your garden with new lighting

You’ve put a lot of hard work into your garden, so what better to highlight your masterpiece than with some lights? This addition will ensure that your garden looks its best both night and day.

There are different types of lighting that are designed for different purposes. It’s important to make sure you have outdoor lighting around your house that will function as a safety precaution, warding off any intruders and illuminate entryways and paths. When it comes to your landscape and garden, you have the opportunity to be more imaginative. You can create a certain ambience using subtle lighting, or showcase your garden as a focal point of your home’s exterior.

Bring your garden to life at night with outdoor lighting by Illuminations USA. We have decades of experience in creative lighting solutions and are ready to brighten up your garden this spring! Give us a call at 407-880-0700 today to learn about our outdoor lighting services.