Why Have Regular Landscape Lighting Maintenance?

If you have landscape lighting installed on your property, you’re aware of the many benefits it provides.

Whether you enjoy the aesthetic it offers, the functionality or the added security, landscape lighting is a great investment on many levels.

When you want to ensure that your landscape lighting is working as it should for years to come, and that you get the most out of your investment, consider having your lighting maintained by a professional landscape lighting company.

Landscape lighting maintenance will ensure that plants, weather, and other issues do not lessen the life of your system, and in many cases, proper maintenance can have your lights last up to 18 years!

Landscape Lighting in Garden

Growing plants can disturb wiring

Landscape lighting can often require underground wiring to be run. Although this is beneficial when you want to have lighting evenly distributed throughout your property, it can present challenges when you have trees or other larger plants nearby.

When you have your landscape lighting maintained by a professional team, it will ensure that wires steer clear of growing plants. In the event that wires have already been damaged by a tree or other plant, they can also provide the necessary rewiring.

Corrosion can become an issue

If you have landscape lighting and live in an area that experiences high heat and humidity for a majority of the year, corrosion can become an issue.

Although the heat from your lights can typically ward off humidity problems, a broken or faulty bulb can leave the door open to humidity issues that can eventually lead to corrosion.

Ensure your lights do not become corroded by having an experienced landscape lighting company maintain your system. They will be able to swap out broken or faulty lights and have your lights looking and working their best for years to come.  

Lights can be damaged from yardwork

Whether you enjoy doing yardwork on your own or prefer to hire a team to take care of your lawn and garden, accidents can occur that can cause damage to your landscape lighting.

Whether wires are accidently cut when planting, lights are broken or damaged when cutting the grass or anything in between, a maintenance team will be able to make the necessary repairs to your lighting system and ensure it is in good working condition.  

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