When to Use Uplighting and Downlighting in Your Yard

There are plenty of ways to add light to your yard. Choosing the right lighting for your property can help create a stunning yard. One way that will help brighten up your yard is using uplighting and downlighting techniques. Before you start installing your lights, you should know the differences between them!

When to Use Uplighting and Downlighting in Your Yard

How to Use Uplighting

Uplighting is an excellent way to highlight the architectural features that you like best about your home. To properly uplight your yard, you’ll want to mount your lights so that they are shining upwards at the feature you want to highlight. These lights are typically installed at ground level.

There are many benefits to using uplights, including highlighting certain features of your yard, creating a dramatic ambiance, adding depth to your yard, and creating yard boundaries. Many people will choose to uplight their trees, front yard columns, and gardens. Plus, using uplighting techniques adds extra light to your yard to help you and your guests to see at night!

How to Use Downlighting

In contrast, downlighting is used to create a soft glow in certain areas of your yard. Since it’s more subtle, it adds a warm and welcoming feel to your yard. It’s perfect to use when you want to add some lighting around your outdoor seating areas. You can also find downlighting used in landscape beds, water features, and ground areas. Although this lighting is less dramatic than uplighting, it still offers an element of safety and increases visibility in your yard!

Light Up Your Yard Using Both Uplighting and Downlighting

If you’re having trouble deciding what type of lighting would work best in your yard, you’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to settle on just one! Using a combination of both uplighting and downlighting allows you to draw attention to specific areas of your yard while still supporting other areas more subtly. For example, try uplighting larger trees in your yard, while using downlighting by your outdoor seating area to create a calm ambiance.

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