When to Turn On and Off Outdoor Lighting

Porch lights are a must for any home. They help you feel secure at night and help deter burglars by making them think your home is occupied even when you’re out. What’s more, a well-lit street with plenty of outdoor lighting feels safer and more welcoming than a murky row of unlit houses. When to Turn On and Off Outdoor Lighting

However, you shouldn’t leave your outdoor lighting on 24/7. Read on for some handy tips to keep in mind:

Don’t leave lights on at full intensity all night – it wastes energy and will leave you with a whopping electric bill. Instead, set overnight lights to a half-power dimmer setting.

Do leave outdoor lights on when you or a member of your household is planning to come back late at night, so no one has to fumble with keys or the lock.

Don’t leave outdoor lighting on during the day. Burglars will often scope out a home for days or weeks before breaking in, and a light that’s on 24/7 sends the message that the home is unoccupied.

Do set outdoor lighting on a timer when you go out of town so that the lights come on automatically when it gets dark. Rather than leaving lights on all the time, this is the proper way to deter burglars when you travel.

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