When to Keep Your Porch Lights On and When You Should Turn Them Off

Our front porch lights help increase visibility, and they make us feel safer throughout the night. Often, it’s encouraged to leave the porch lights on for a few hours during the night. However, at other times, leaving your lights on during the night can be unsafe. Here are some of the appropriate and inappropriate times to leave your porch lights on!

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When You Should Leave the Porch Light On

When a Member of Your Household Plans to Come Home Late

Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, it can be nerve-wracking coming home late at night. Your front porch light helps you see in the dark, making it easier for you to know where you’re going and to unlock your door. Having a front porch light helps relieve some stress for those worried about coming home late at night. If a member of your household is coming back late, help them feel safe by leaving the porch light on.

When You’re Home at Night

If you’re home alone at night, it’s a good idea to leave some light on your porch. Having a light on will alert others that you are home, and this will most likely deter any potential burglars. Plus, the porch light usually spotlights your front door, so you can easily see who’s approaching your door from within your home.

When You Shouldn’t Leave the Porch Light On

When You Go to Bed

While you’re home at night, it’s a good idea to keep your lights on. However, as soon as you’re ready to go to bed for the evening, you should be mindful and turn your lights off. You should treat your porch light the same as you would any other room in the house. Not only is leaving the lights on overnight bad for the environment, but it also suggests that the home is not in use if it is left on overnight.

When You Go on a Trip

If you’re planning to travel out of town, you should expect to leave your porch light off during the day and for the majority of the night. Luckily, a lot of lighting systems have pre-programmed timers that will turn your lights on and off when you want them. This setting can make it seem like you’re home when you’re not!

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