Three S’s of Landscape Lighting

Nightscaping Your landscape shows off all the fruits of your labor. You spent all those hours mowing your lawn in the stifling heat, tended to your garden under the beaming UV rays of the sun, and picked those pesky weeds one after the other. With all that hard work and commitment, you should want to show it off! Most landscapes, however, can only be seen during the day. Once the sun goes down, your hard work is hidden in the shadows. Wouldn’t you want your landscape to be seen at night, too?

Nightscaping, or drawing attention to your property with landscape lighting, allows those taking a stroll down the street after the sun sets or passersby in the middle of the night to  see your stunning property. With landscape lighting surrounding your luscious lawn, garden or patio, you can show off your pride and joy throughout more than just the day. Nightscaping adds three S’s to any property: safety, security and sophistication.


Let the rocks, pavers, retaining walls, water features and more be seen at night! With landscape lighting, hardscapes like a path, walkway, patio or deck will be more visible when the sun goes down. This helps make it safer for anyone walking around your property after the sun’s gone down and will prevent tripping over certain landscape features while improving overall visibility.


A well-lit home at night will help to deter intruders who might want to break into your home or vehicles. With landscape lighting, your home and family will be more secure, giving you more peace of mind. Add small outdoor light fixtures throughout your garden or motion-sensor lights near your front and back doors or garage. Would-be criminals prefer to lurk in the shadows, and if your property is well lit, the odds are good that they’ll stay away.


Adding outdoor light fixtures to your landscape will take your yard up a notch! It will add to the curb appeal of your home at night, and even create a more elegant looking home. Brighten up the most aesthetically pleasing features of your landscape with lights and add an air of style and class to your property!

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