Three Myths About Outdoor Lighting You Should Know

Adding outdoor lights to your landscape is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your property and enhance the aesthetic of your house. However, there are several misconceptions regarding outdoor lighting that may keep you from taking the next step.

Exterior of Home with a Landscape Lighting DesignHere are a few myths that we’ve debunked so that you can embrace all that landscape lighting has to offer!

Let there be (a lot of) light

With outdoor lighting, more is not always better. In fact, too much light means more glare and can even reduce visibility of your home. It also causes light pollution and energy waste so be sure to educate yourself on effective and environmentally friendly lighting options by speaking to an expert!

Blue LED lights look cold and sterile

This was very much the case when LED lights were first introduced, however, they’ve come a long way since then! Now, these environmentally friendly alternatives can produce any color you want and can enhance your home no matter the exterior.

Doing your outdoor lights yourself is easy

Unfortunately, outdoor lighting is one of those home projects that you might not want to tackle yourself. Professionals have years of experience and know exactly what type of bulbs and fixtures to use to achieve the best results. DIY’ing makes it a lot easier to overload your system and make your lighting look overdone.

Since 1994, Illuminations USA has designed unique outdoor lighting systems meant to accent the most notable features of a home while also providing the safety and security of a well-lit exterior. Browse our outdoor lighting FAQ and call us at 407-880-0700 to set up an appointment!