The Best Places To See LED Architectural Lighting

When you think of architectural lighting, simple spotlights and focused lighting may come to mind, but LED architectural lighting can be a spectacle to behold, as it not only enhances features but is also an art form. So where are the best places to see such incredible lighting?

Sky’s the LimitBest Places to See LED Architectural Lighting

Amazing architectural lighting and airports might not sound like they go together, but at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago they certainly do! The art piece known as “Sky’s the Limit” was created by artist Michael Hayden and designed by Helmut Jahn in 1987. It features a colorful exhibition of light and glass that stretches 744 ft. across the tunnel in terminal 1 between concourses B and C.

The Bay Lights

This art installation by Leo Villareal is a monumental 1.8-mile-long collection of 25,000 LED lights stretching across San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. Known for making light sculptures in grandiose cities like New York and D.C., Villareal madewat his installation permanent in 2016.


Ovo is a lighting project in Amsterdam that features a large oval-shaped structure suspended on a water pool and lit predominately by LED lighting in changing colors. Ovo is a major attraction at Amsterdam’s light festival.

Water Light Graffiti

This installation in Paris, France, is an LED wall that lights up specifically when touched by water. When it was introduced in Poitiers, France as a trial run, it became an instant sensation. Today other similar structures inspired by the French installation can be found across the world!

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