The Benefits of Pool Lighting and Finding Your Design

In the past few years there’s been many developments in pool lighting, mostly due to new technologies that have emerged. For pool owners, you may be asking yourself what the best choice for you is and the benefits of different lighting options. There are many benefits of pool lighting and we’re here to help you decide the best design option for you.

The addition of pool lights to your pool or spa leads to increased illumination, and therefore, safety.

It helps light up walkways, stairs, and any backyard hazards. It also makes swimming at night much safer and helps you keep your eye on children and pets. Increased visibility is always a plus for pool owners.

Outdoor Lighting by a Pool

Now that you’ve decided pool lights are a necessity, what option is best for you?

Consider color

One way of making sure your pool lights are aesthetically pleasing are by factoring in the color of your pool tile. The same lighting options can cause very different effects based on what the backdrop is. Lighter tiles have the tendency of reflecting light, whereas darker tiles absorb light. Sometimes this is affected if you choose LED or fiber optic lighting. Your best bet is looking at examples of pools with similar pool tiles, so you can see firsthand what yours will look like with different options.

Set your desired mood

Pool lights can also help set the mood you’re looking to achieve in your backyard. Lighting around the water can add drama and allure to the area. Timed color effects, white lights and mood-enhanced lighting can turn your backyard into a paradise for you, your family, and guests. Small, bright lights can also illuminate features like fountains, waterfalls, steps, bubblers and more.

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