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All the Benefits You Need to Know About Low Voltage Lights

Low Voltage Lighting Options

If you’re looking to add energy-efficient lighting to your home or building, one of your best options is to add low voltage lighting! This lighting option can be used in a variety of ways and offers a high-quality luminance around your property while still being affordable. Here are some of the reasons to consider switching… Read more »

Understanding Transformers

Illuminations USA works hard to provide you with beautiful, low-voltage outdoor lighting designs that will highlight the beautiful aspects of your home or building. It is important to allow licensed professionals perform this service since working with electricity can be difficult and dangerous. Since low-voltage systems often run from a single transformer, we want to… Read more »

Low Voltage – Low Risk and Low Cost

When it comes to having new lighting fixtures installed in and around your property, there are several decisions you have to make. Not only do the number of lights and their location play a role, but there’s also the selection of the best type of lighting for your property. There are a number of lighting… Read more »