Property Surveillance and Landscape Lighting: A Bright Idea

When it comes to your home and your family, there are few things as important as security. While most neighborhoods are perfectly safe, crimes can happen anywhere and at any time. That’s why it’s important to secure your home or business with features like proper locks, security systems and security cameras.

Landscape Lighting and Security CamerasSecurity and surveillance cameras have moved from being a commercial property feature to something that is more and more common at homes. Cameras today cost a fraction of what they did even 10 years ago, making them more affordable and simple to add to your home or small business. Providing a constant eye on your property, these cameras are ideal for keeping tabs on animals that may be messing with your garden, burglars that might steal packages off your patio, or keeping an eye on everyone who comes in and out of your home or business.

For cameras to be the most effective, you want them to have a clear line of sight both during daylight hours and overnight. That’s why pairing your security cameras with your landscape lighting can help you get the most from both systems.

Landscape Lighting Can Work With Your Cameras for Added Security

Correctly placed lighting can add brightness to entranceways and walkways so that those who use these pathways can feel secure moving about them after dark. This lighting is also good to pair with any cameras you install overlooking the access areas of your home or business. By ensuring the areas being monitored are well-lit, your surveillance system can have a clear view of anything happening in the area so you can better identify individuals captured on your recording.

Smart landscape lighting can also bring necessary attention to security cameras so potential thieves or troublemakers make no mistake that they are being watched. While cameras are praised for being a passive security system and theft deterrent, would-be criminals who know they are being watched are more likely to think twice about striking a property with surveillance. Use lighting to brightly illuminate areas around your property and place conspicuous signage to let passersby know they are on camera.

You can also add some architectural lighting fixtures with cameras around your main entrance and any back doors. This will allow you to monitor the actions of anyone coming or going at all hours. While some organizations have employees working on different schedules 24/7, other buildings will have more limited access. By lighting up your access points and having cameras monitor foot traffic, you can know who has come and gone from your home or business and even narrow down potential culprits in case a theft or burglary does occur.

All of these areas can benefit from the addition of a camera, but it’s also a great idea to have lighting in these areas, as well. Well-planned lighting can add a significant level of beauty and sophistication to any home or business and even increase property values and curb appeal. Architectural and landscape lighting can brighten up every aspect of your property, and truly cast it in a whole new light.

You have many available options when it comes to external lighting, and the team at Illuminations USA is standing by to help. We offer a slew of architectural, landscaping LED and pool area lighting that all serves helps make your property brighter and more secure. If you are ready to take your lighting to the next level, call the experts at Illuminations USA today at 407-880-0700.