Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season Holiday season is here, and it is time to prepare your home for the season! With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to check those last-minute preparation off your checklist.

 If you plan on hosting guests in your home or just want to freshen up your home for the holidays, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Make your front porch warm and inviting from the chill outdoors.  Add a decorative touch with pumpkins and other autumn-themed décor and set your lights on a timer, turning on as the sun sets each evening. This way, friends and family will feel welcomed no matter what time they arrive for the holiday festivities.

Tidy up the entrance to your home, making room for the extra coats, boots and cold weather accessories that will accompany your visitors. Clear off coat hooks, set up a shelf for shoes and add a basket for your family to place their hats, gloves and scarves in. An organized entry will make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive and help to keep your home clutter-free throughout the busy holiday season ahead.

Illuminate your front door to make it easy on arriving guests. This will make your house easy to find and increase the overall safety of your home. Illuminations USA’s low voltage LED lights can help you create an attractive, energy-efficient front porch display. You can also include a timer for your lights and automate the times when the lights will turn on.

Illuminations USA specializes in outdoor lighting fixtures for clients in the Orlando and Daytona Beach areas of Florida For more information on our products or to learn more about lighting up the exterior of your property, contact us today!